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Larger than life sports art.
Mega Mascots

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Sports Art

Fun Enterprises works with management, architects, interior designers, merchandising managers and other key staff to create custom-designed sports art to meet your sales and promotional needs. Call our Sports Art Department at 330.503.1893 to learn how Fun Enterprises can create sports art that is uniquely yours.

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Fans, sponsors and your bottom-line
will love this life-size mascot replica.


Do you ever wish your mascot could be in two places at once?

With a MegaMascot™, your team can enjoy a second mascot without the added payroll and scheduling hassles of a traditional team mascot.

Pay for your custom fiberglass mascot statue with a sponsorship by one of your top sponsors:

  • The team gets a second mascot
  • Your sponsor will enjoy high-visibility opportunities with name and logo recognition as part of your MegaMascot™ program
  • Fans enjoy photo opportunities with their beloved team mascot whenever they visit the ballpark!

Your team's MegaMascot™ can also serve as a cornerstone for the team's kids club or play area.

A word from the Boston Red Sox

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The file linked to the left image is saved in PDF format which requires Adobe Reader. If you do not already have Adobe Reader installed on your system, it can be downloaded for free from Adobe Systems, Inc.

Hand-sculpted to your team's specifications

Your team's mascot replica begins with conceptual drawings that you approve for pose, scale and finish. A hand-sculpted, life-size sculpture is then created using hand-laid fiberglass reinforced polymers.

The hard, durable exterior is finished with a high quality paint and coating to ensure easy maintenance. Your MegaMascot™ is designed for easy installation and mobility.

Pricing is determined on custom design and specifications.

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