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Larger than life sports art.
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Sports Art

Fun Enterprises works with management, architects, interior designers, merchandising managers and other key staff to create custom-designed sports art to meet your sales and promotional needs. Call our Sports Art Department at 330.503.1893 to learn how Fun Enterprises can create sports art that is uniquely yours.

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Fun Enterprises

About Fun Enterprises

Fun Enterprises
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We're in the business of helping you celebrate your favorite sports moments.

Product designs begin with our creative team. Designs are created that serve as prototypes for our finely crafted items. Pieces reflect a level of quality and craftsmanship that teams, fans and sponsors deserve.

Order by phone, or contact us via e-mail at to learn more about how we can custom-design a piece that is uniquely yours from a life-size team mascot to fan giveaways, sports décor, sports memories keepsakes and more!

The story behind our products

Fun Enterprises
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Larger-Than-Life Sports Art

The original big bat, ball and glove began as hand-sculpted pieces, commissioned as a gift to our founder. Visitors to his office asked where they could get a set of their own. The sculptor of the original pieces created hand-sculpted molds that would enable more people to enjoy Larger-Than-Life Sports Art in their own businesses, homes, restaurants and sports bars. Since then, we've added home plate to our Larger-Than-Life Sports Art collection.


Fun Enterprises
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Our founder commissioned the sculpting of his favorite, home-team character as a new addition to his redecorated office. The mascot greeted visitors, who marveled at its life-like quality. Some time later, when the Boston Red Sox sought a replica of Wally, the team mascot, Fun Enterprises delivered.

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